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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Fitmotion over the competition?
Fitmotion doesn’t have any competition! No one else in the area creates customized weight loss, health and fitness programs conducted in a private environment with the level of expertise and customer service that Fitmotion does. We provide all the services that everyone else lacks. Read our testimonials and see what my clients say. It's the clean, private environment and individualized one on one personal training programs that get you lasting results fast.

How often should I meet with my personal trainer?
That depends on your individual goals, fitness level and schedule, but our clients typically train three times per week. During your initial fitness evaluation, your personal trainer will learn what your needs and goals are and then develop a plan that best supports those goals.

How long are your sessions?
All personal training sessions are 45 minutes each. It is recommended that you come in 5 - 10 minutes early to warm up before your session.

I worked with a personal trainer at the gym and didn't get good results.  Why should I try it again?
Remember, Fitmotion is not a gym. We're not just personal trainers. We're fitness professionals. It's not our job to work you out. It's our job to change your life by working with you to achieve your fitness goals, to answer your questions, to educate you about exercise and nutrition, to motivate you to continue going and keep you accountable. With the help of your Fitmotion personal trainer, you'll avoid the confusion, the gimmicks, and the intimidation of the big corporate gyms, and the lies from the diet and weight loss industries.

Will you help me with my nutrition?
YES! Nutrition is critical to your success. But, unlike most other programs, we do not create a "diet" in the four-letter sense of the word. We provide a nutritional guidance that will have you eating the foods you like in the right amounts and at the right times to reach your goal. The idea is to help you create eating habits that you can use for a lifetime so you can keep your results and not just put the weight back on after dieting.

How much does personal training at Fitmotion cost?
The total cost of training will depend on the program you choose. For One-on-One personal training, the cost per session depends on how many sessions are included in your personal training program. Fitmotion's current rates are between $45 and $65 for full 45 minutes sessions, and $35 to $50 for half hour sessions. Trial rates are available for $33 per session. But, if budget is a barrier to getting started training, you might want to ask yourself how much you have invested in things in the past that haven't worked. Look at your current budget for memberships, activities, hobbies, entertainment and other expenses (like clothes, shopping, eating out, movies, sports, pets, hair and nails, etc.). If you want to look and feel better when you are doing those things, you're going to have to make a commitment to yourself and invest in improving your health and fitness first.

How do I pay for my personal training?
We offer flexible payment plans and accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and debit cards. Private One-on-One personal training programs can be paid for all at once (for a discounted rate), or payments can be split up and paid monthly by auto debit from a checking account.

Do you have a guarantee?
Yes, we offer a money back guarantee if you utilize our services for at least 4 months and follow the program completely. You must truly want to reach your fitness goals and make positive changes in your life, and you must complete the training program during the allotted time, following the nutrition and cardio recommendations without missing any training sessions. If you approach your personal training program with too much doubt or skepticism, you will not be motivated enough to succeed. Our personal trainers only use methods that have been proven to work, and they will work for you!

How much weight can I expect to lose?
The training program is designed with the goal of losing an average of 1 to 2 pounds of body fat per week until you reach your goal weight. Each client's results will vary though, and understand that your body takes a while to change its physiology to lose weight. It took a while to gain that weight, and it will take a some time to lose it. But if you don't get started now, you will just be delaying the time it takes to reach your goal weight. Your personal trainer will take body fat and other measurements to track your progress about once a month.

Can't I just buy an exercise video instead of personal training?
You probably already have. Or you have a treadmill or home gym or exercise gizmo of some kind. Most clients have had little or no success with infomercial products, exercise videos, diets and pills. Exercise videos (and the other gimmicks) can't take into account your personal needs and simply fail to address many of the important components of a complete fitness program that you get with a personal trainer.

If you've failed with exercise videos in the past, Schedule your Free Session and Fitness Consultation and we'll talk about getting you the results you deserve.

Isn't cardio exercise better for burning fat?
While cardio can certainly be an important part of an overall fitness program, without the strength training and nutrition components, you can end up doing a lot of work for little or no results, and in some cases even end up in worse shape. The most effective way to lose fat is through resistance training which develops and works lean muscle which helps you burn fat 24 hours a day. Cardio can easily be overdone, and should be done at the proper intensity, duration and frequency for best results

Will you tell me what to do on my "off" days?
On days that you do not come in and work with your personal trainer for your one-on-one personal training session, you will be advised on when, how intense, and how much cardiovascular exercise you should do. We will also make recommendations as to certain exercises that you can do while at home, traveling or on vacation.

How do I get started?
Schedule your Free, no obligation personal training session by calling us today at 951-777-4882 or use the form below, and we'll show you how working with a personal trainer at Fitmotion in Temecula can help reach your fitness goals in the fastest time possible.

We offer a totally FREE, no hassle, no obligation Personal Training Session and  Fitness Consultation to answer your most important questions and to help you determine if working with a personal trainer is the right action plan for your fitness goals.

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