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Our Mission

At Fitmotion personal training in Temecula, our mission is to provide you with high quality, one-on-one Personal Training. Reaching your health and fitness goals with us is a unique experience, personalized, and conducted in a clean, private and friendly atmosphere with no intimidation, no pressure, and no sharing of equipment.

Upscale Environment

We understand that "working out" is not always fun. However, at Fitmotion you're going to have a good time. We provide you with bottled water and a towel, and  unlike the big gyms, the atmosphere here is warm and friendly. No crowds. No waiting for equipment. No distractions.

The Fitmotion Difference

What separates us from everyone else is our clean, private personal training environment, customized programs and high level of customer service provided by our certified personal trainers. No one else provides the features and benefits that Fitmotion offers.
  • Private Personal Training
    It's all One-on-One, so you don't have to worry about where the attention of the trainer is. Your certified personal trainer is there with you the whole time, giving you the attention you deserve. No worries about someone watching you exercise or feeling embarrassed.
  • Accountability, Motivation, and Guidance
    You will be held accountable to reach your goals. As you are getting the one-on-one attention from your personal trainer, your trainer will ask you questions and provide you feedback that is encouraging and non-intimidating. Though we are positive, we will not accept excuses, but explore what can be done to get around the barriers. We do more than just count reps; we motivate you, advise you, and educate you to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Safety and Injury Prevention
    Safety is of the utmost importance to you and your personal trainer. Proper Form, Posture and Technique are necessary to prevent injuries such as muscle strains and sprains. It also allows you to get the most benefit from each exercise and to stimulate your metabolism effectively.
  • Personal Training for All Types of Clients
    You are never "too old", "too young" or "too out of shape" to begin a personal training program. Especially when it is under the guidance of a professional personal trainer at Fitmotion. As for children and teenagers, it will depend on the goals of the child and the parents to determine if Fitmotion is a good fit. However, as far as safety is concerned, children and teenagers can participate in a resistance training program under the supervision of a certified personal trainer.
  • Customized Personal Training Programs
    By working with a personal trainer at Fitmotion, you will get accelerated results that you may not get if you were working on your own. We will help you improve your overall fitness by reducing body fat for long-term results while increasing muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

    Results are achieved more rapidly by designing a fitness program that uses a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and supportive nutrition. It will be customized by your personal trainer to your specific needs as it relates to your goals and current health and conditioning.

We offer a totally FREE, no hassle, no obligation Personal Training Session and  Fitness Consultation to answer your most important questions and to help you determine if working with a personal trainer is the right action plan for your fitness goals.

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