Get More Sleep

Sound like nothing more than a pipe dream? Wake up and make it a reality

temecula personal trainingEvery morning you make yourself the promise: Tonight, you'll go to bed earlier. You'll get more sleep. You'll feel great in the morning. But it seems to never happen. Even if you do get in bed earlier than usual, you still have a hard time getting all the sleep you need to feel your best in the morning.

Is there any relief in sight? Why, yes there is. All you need to do is make a few tweaks to your routine, and your sleepy mornings will soon be long gone.

Don't Make Excuses
If you're like most people, you find a way to do what you find most important. Whether that's spending time with your family, checking your e-mail for business purposes, or reading a good book. As important as all of these things are, something may have to go if you're going to sleep more.

Before you say you can't do it, think about it. You could probably spend a little less time at work and a little more at home, so you could squeeze in family time during earlier hours. Also, you get very little work done at home, so why not leave work at work and get back to the grindstone when you're at the office? Getting rid of obstacles to good sleep is essential to getting sufficient sleep.

Calm Down
Ever had difficulty falling asleep, no matter how tired you may be? It may be because you don't give your body and your time to calm down. To lend a helping hand, try the following:
  • write out a to-do list for the next day before getting in bed
  • avoid caffeine during the last four to eight hours before bedtime
  • don't eat or drink much during a few hours before going to bed
  • set a calming routine that puts you in the mood to go to sleep
  • don't spend time exercising right before you go to bed
  • make your bedroom dark and quiet when it's time to hit the hay
  • don't take long naps during the day
  • never watch television while lying in bed
  • don't let pets or little people sleep in your bed

Prepare for the Mornings
Before you go into your calming routine, you can make the mornings more peaceful with a few little steps. Do them right and you can even set your alarm clock for a little later than usual. Good ideas no matter what your circumstances include setting out tomorrow's clothing and making your lunch for the next day before going to bed.

If you have children who always want to wake you up, you can take some extra steps for a few more minutes in bed on the weekends. After you put the kids to bed, set out books and toys in the hallway that leads from their room to yours.

This will keep them busy for a bit - especially if you put out items they've not seen in a while. You can also fend off your kids' early-morning food needs by setting out fruit and muffins beside their bedroom door. Put out a blanket and some fun d├ęcor, and they'll be thrilled to have a personal picnic waiting for them when they wake up, and you'll be thrilled to be able to stay in bed while they enjoy breakfast.

How Much Is Enough?
Throughout your life, your sleep needs will likely change. On average, healthy adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. This isn't time spent in the bed. It's sleep. So turn off the TV, go through your bedtime routine, and get some shuteye!

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