Look Younger With Food

Say goodbye to your plastic surgeon, and hello to the right foods.

Tired of going in for another BOTOX ® injection every few months? Wish there was a way to maintain your hold on youthfulness without paying big bucks? Then here's some good news for you: What you put in your mouth can make a difference in how young (or old) you look.

Ready to eat your way to a younger looking you? Keep reading to find out what foods and drinks you should stick with and run from to give yourself the upper hand against aging.

Eat This
Vitamin A: Acne may make you feel like a teenager, but if not kept under tight control, it can cause lasting damage to your skin that results in you looking older than you are. To help fend off acne, get plenty of vitamin A. Good choices include orange foods, such as carrots, yams, and apricots and green goodness like spinach and parsley.

Vitamin E: In the event you don't suffer much from acne but still want the best skin possible, you'll need to stock up on plenty of vitamin E, which is found in almonds, sardines, egg yolks, leafy green vegetables, and whole grains. Why vitamin E? It may just have the greatest impact of any food on the health of your skin and eyes. Since your skin is the first thing many people see and the eyes are considered the window to the soul, keeping both healthy and youthful in appearance can help you beat the aging curve.

Whole Grains: There are countless reasons to include whole grains in your diet. One of them is to appear younger. Because while whole grains and any other whole food help your skin look better, eating whole grain breads and cereals feeds your body plenty of healthy carbohydrates. By getting good and full on healthy carbs, you give your body the energy it needs to go strong all day long. This ensures you can sprint through your day's activities, starting from the moment you wake up, through your workday, your gym workout, and time with the family!

Water: It may not be fancy, but drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest ways to help your body get rid of unwanted toxins that can speed up the aging process. So the next time you're out on the town, instead of ordering a soda, ask for a tall glass of water. Your youthful looks will thank you.

Avoid This
Fried Foods: Just when you thought there was no other reason to sidestep fatty fried foods, here's one more. Eating fried foods can cause your skin to look unhealthy and aged. Fortunately, sidestepping these foods is rather easy, as all you have to do is toss your chicken on the grill and bake your fish in the oven. Don't think you can go a lifetime without a fried doughnut? Giving in every once in a while will remind you of the flavor you seek, without putting too many extra years on your skin.

Juices: You may think that slamming down an 8-ounce glass of juice is a great way to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. And it is. Unfortunately, many of the juices on the market are also filled with some other items that aren't so good for you. Namely added sugars. Before downing a carton of your favorite juice, check out its label to see how much added sugar or sweetener is included. If it's 100-percent natural, drink away. Otherwise, stay away.

Sweets: They taste good and make you happy for a moment, but what sweets don't do is give you energy to get up and get going. Since you're going to need plenty of exercise to stay in touch with your younger side, stay away from the cookie jar and fulfill the yearning of your sweet tooth with natural sugars found in bananas or oranges.

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