The Drinking Bulge

Enough information on alcohol-related weight gain to get you intoxicated.

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Whether you're a social drinker or enjoy sipping on an occasional beer in the peace and quiet of your home, you will agree that alcohol makes life better. Unfortunately, as you may have realized, too much alcohol can lead to a little pudge in your middle - and anywhere else you tend to gain weight.

Why does it do this, and what can you do to avoid it? Read on to find out

Alcohol's Effect
While alcohol is busy doing fun things with your head, it is doing some rather different things with the rest of your body. Instead of falling in line behind all your other calories, waiting patiently to get burned off, alcohol-based calories skip line and become the first to get removed from your system. Though it is nice to be able to get rid of alcohol's calories right off the bat, it causes all those other calories you just ate at the bar to sit still and turn into fat. 

On top of that, with every sip of alcohol, you tend to feel better. At the same time, you tend to slow down. Drink enough and you're so worn out that all you can do is pass out until the following morning. What's wrong with calling it a night after downing a handful of alcoholic beverages? You give all those calories a chance to do nothing but sit still and add to your waistline. Think getting that beer or wine buzz is still worth it? Then you'll need to pay particular attention to what's coming next.

Bye-Bye, Beer Belly
For many, alcohol is a part of life. It doesn't interfere, cause the person to lose control, or result in poor decisions that will be greatly regretted later. But it still adds to the amount of calories consumed. With that in mind, it is important to have a good game plan to turn the keg that has developed in your abdomen into a six-pack.

Ready to fight for your healthy shape? You'll need to do the hard thing. You'll have to learn to drink less alcohol. A great way to do this is to go into any potential drinking situation planning to have no more than one drink. It sounds difficult, but it can be done. Simply order a glass of water to go with your alcohol and drink your alcohol slowly and surely.

In addition, you can trim your wine-induced love handles the old fashioned way. Get to the gym and work up a good sweat. When you're there, remember that you can do all the exercises you want to try and hone in on your trouble spots, but they won't do any good until you're getting full-body cardio. Also, once you get home, you aren't off the hook. If you're serious about warding off alcohol-related pounds, be sure to maintain a well-balanced diet all of the time, swapping out high-fat foods for low-fat options and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Fattest Drinks
Like most foods and drinks, alcoholic beverages are not created equal. Some are a tad bit tastier, and others are a good deal fattier. Which drinks should you be particularly wary of? Check out the list below to learn what drinks are the most calorie-laden.

  • Budweiser (12 ounces), 145 calories
  • Gin and Tonic (9.5 ounces total, 1.5 ounces of Gin), 200 calories
  • Long Island Iced Tea (9.5 ounces total, 1.5 ounces of alcohol), as many as 550 calories
  • Margarita (9.5 ounces total, 1.5 ounces of alcohol), as many as 500 calories
  • Ruby Port (8 ounces), 185 calories
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager (12 ounces), 160 calories
  • White Chardonnay (8 ounces), 90 calories

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