The Big Breakfast Diet

How to lose weight by loving the most important meal of the day.

Temecula personal trainingYou know it's the most important meal of the day, but your busy schedule keeps you from getting a good breakfast every morning.

However, one fairly new diet insists that if you make the most important meal of the day the most calorie-laden meal of the day, you may be able to lose weight.

Think it's an idea birthed by the cereal and milk industry? Read on to learn how this early morning diet is supposed to work and whether it can give your body a weight-dropping wake-up call.

Look for 600
The main step of getting into the Big Breakfast Diet is to eat a breakfast with about 600 calories. To make sure your big breakfast goes for the distance, you'll want to fill up on plenty of carbohydrates (Atkins dieters, beware!) and protein. Then, get a move on your day.

According to the folks who praise the Big Breakfast Diet (and those who invented it), eating a substantial breakfast does more than fuel you through the day. It keeps you full until the day is over, effectively keeping you from going after high-calorie snacks that don't do much for your good health. And avoiding temptation is something anyone can appreciate.

Look for Results
So how does the Big Breakfast Diet fare with real people? To find out, researchers grabbed 94 obese women who were physically inactive and an average of 30 years of age. Splitting the women into two groups, the researchers had one group eat a diet low in carbs. On average, these women consumed a little under 1,100 calories a day. The second group ate about 1,250 calories a day, with 600 or so being eaten during breakfast.

The weight-loss results were about the same after four months. In fact, the low-carb group actually lost five more pounds than the Big Breakfasters (28 compared to 23 pounds). But when the ladies went another four months, the Big Breakfast Diet showed that it was a force to be reckoned with. While the low-carb dieters regained an average of 18 of their 28 lost pounds, those who participated in the Big Breakfast Diet lost an additional 16.5 pounds per person.

Look for Application
Now for the big question. Is the Big Breakfast Diet just what your waistline needs to regain its trim shape? It might just be. After all, getting a dense breakfast filled with powerful protein and carbohydrates keeps you moving strong all day and keeps you from munching on those miniature candy bars on the receptionist's desk.

Whether you decide to go Big Breakfast or not, this should serve as a wake-up call if you've been skipping breakfast or treating it as a lesser meal. While you may think avoiding breakfast isn't going to do anything but give your calorie count a shove in the right direction, think again. Having control over your appetite means eating smart, and it starts with a calorie-filled breakfast!

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