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How many times have you tried to lose weight and improve your health and fitness by exercising and dieting only to make little or no progress?

Did you find yourself right back where you started…or even in worse shape than before you started?

Have these previous attempts made you feel like you will never be able to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals?

Temecula personal trainer
Ed Ferrell

You can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals!

You’ve probably been misled by TV exercise infomercials and the so-called personal trainers at the local gyms, and the experts and gurus of the health and fitness industry that want you to believe you can look like the supermodels in the ads in just a few weeks by using their new exercise gadget for a few minutes a day, or by taking a new "medical breakthrough" pill that melts away fat while you sleep.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or miracle machine. And because there isn't, its far too easy to fall into the trap of "I'm too busy... I'm too tired... there isn't enough time... I'll get started right after..." Believe me, if you are waiting for the "perfect" time to get started, it will never come.

So, if your previous attempts to reach your weight loss and fitness goals have left you discouraged or too afraid of failing again, even if you've worked with a one on one personal trainer before, Fitmotion Personal Training in Temecula can help you do it right this time!

There are two main reasons that you have failed in your prior attempts to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals:

  1. You haven't learned the true importance of exercise and nutrition.
  2. You haven't learned to value your health above all else.

Once you learn these 2 key points, you can achieve your weight loss, health and fitness goals! Not overnight. But every day you wait to get started is one day longer it will take you to get there.

At Fitmotion, we believe in you, and we know you can succeed with help from our certified personal trainers. If you truly have the desire to finally succeed, the personal trainers at Fitmotion in Temecula will provide the motivation, education and accountability to help you do it!


Make TODAY the day you STOP PROCRASTINATING and GET STARTED with a Personal Trainer NOW!

Our personal trainers are helping Temecula residents make positive lifestyle changes and improve their health, energy, and fitness. Our certified personal trainers have the experience and education to effectively design an individualized personal training program for your weight loss, health and fitness goals. A program designed for your individual needs. Fitmotion is not a gym. It is a private personal training studio. You will train in a private suite with no distractions and no waiting for equipment. You will work one on one with a personal trainer who is focused on you and dedicated to getting you to your weight loss and fitness goals.

So, if you are finally ready for success…

Get Started Now!

Call today and schedule a FREE Personal Training Session so you can come in and compare training at Fitmotion with the local "Big Box" gyms in Temecula and Murrieta. At Fitmotion, you will enjoy working out with experienced, professional personal trainers in our clean, private studio with no distractions or intimidation.

Don't Wait, Call Today and Schedule Your FREE Session!

See the results that others are getting
by working with a Personal Trainer at
Fitmotion in Temecula.

And You can be our next great Success Story!

Andy, Temecula personal training client of the month

At Fitmotion in Temecula, I have learned to do what was impossible for me in the past. I have tried many, MANY times to get into better shape on my own. In fact I have forty years of trial and error under my belt, always trying something new. It just did not work for me. I could not successfully juggle family, work and my health. Health always seemed to come in last. [Read More...]

Pam, Temecula personal training client of the month

My personal training experience at Fitmotion in Temecula has been life changing in so many ways. When I started I was very out of shape and severely overweight. I was really discouraged because I had lost 72 pounds only to gain it all back plus more! I was ready for something different and needed a new start. When I went to Fitmotion for a personal trainer, I knew I had made the right choice immediately. [Read More...]

Mark, Temecula personal training client of the month

When I started, I had no energy, dangerously high blood pressure, poor cardiovascular health and virtually no flexibility. But it was amazing how quickly that changed. I found after the first month of personal training that my health had changed dramatically. My doctor even removed me from my high blood pressure medication. Those quick results and the superb coaching from my personal trainer has encouraged me to push a little harder each week. [Read More...]

Becky, Temecula personal training client of the month

Every year I would go to the doctor and hear that I needed to lose weight. Every year ... the same story: lose weight. I stopped going to the doctor because I didn't want to hear it anymore. I was fortunate not to have any health issues, but finally I decided that, with diabetes running in my family, I did not want to take the chance as I tipped the scales at 225 lbs. [Read More...]

Susan, Temecula personal training client of the month

After putting my family first for many years, I decided it was time to make myself a priority. I started working with a personal trainer at Fitmotion in Temecula two days a week along with two days of cardio at home. I also incorporated healthier eating habits into my lifestyle. Within just a few weeks, I had dropped 15 lbs! I’m feeling great now and have much more energy than I’ve had in years. [Read More...]

Aaron, Temecula personal training client of the month

My attitude towards exercise has changed dramatically. I used to avoid working out at all costs. Now, I even sometimes look forward to it. I had never been able to stick to any kind of exercise routine. I always just stopped for no reason. Now, I work out regularly 3 times a week with my personal trainer and I have lost 50 pounds.
[Read More...]

Vicki, Temecula personal training client of the month

I used to walk for miles and miles, but never lost a pound. Now, working with a personal trainer, my workouts are always different and I work my whole body. And training in a clean, private studio that doesn't smell like a gym lets me keep focused on my goal. [Read More...]

DJ, Temecula personal training client of the month

The attention I receive at Fitmotion in Temecula is fantastic. I feel like the personal trainers there know me better than my doctor does. The private training studio is amazing. During my personal training sessions, I am not distracted by anything or anyone else. It makes each training session feel like it’s all about me, and that's what I like about it; I’m not just a name in an appointment book. [Read More...]

Christine, Temecula personal training client of the month

Fitmotion in Temecula has changed my life by educating me about exercise, nutrition and healthy alternatives. I have never been capable of achieving my goal of healthy eating and staying fit on my own. Working one on one with my personal trainer has helped me lose weight, get muscle definition and increase my confidence about working out. The intense and varied workouts, encouragement, motivation and a step by step plan have allowed me to finally reach my goal. [Read More...]

Jack, Temecula personal training client of the month

I looked at websites and interviewed several personal trainers on the phone. I then went to Fitmotion in Temecula for a free session and evaluation. Upon meeting the staff, I realized their program was the one I needed to use. The privacy of thte studio, the modern equipment, and the individualized attention were just what I needed to get started on my path to a healthy lifestyle.
[Read More...]

Rhonda, Temecula personal training client of the month

Now I had “tried exercise”, but never got into a routine. Schedules conflicted with my friends’ and I hated going alone. It was so easy to make excuses. I knew I needed a personal trainer for accountability and to help me look at the big picture and not only push me physically but teach me how to eat healthy as well. I was very fortunate to find Fitmotion in Temecula. It truly was a perfect fit. [Read More...]

Bob, Temecula personal training client of the month

At Fitmotion in Temecula, I really enjoy having my workouts focus on the specific results I want. My workouts are challenging and never boring. I like the results of working with a personal trainer that knows what I need and will keep me accountable. [Read More...]

Jocelyn, Temecula personal training client of the month

After having two children and being married for nine years, I really didn’t think I could ever be fit again. However, the personal trainers at Fitmotion in Temecula have shown me it is possible. I have lost over 20 pounds and have significantly improved my posture and overall strength. I feel great! [Read More...]

Mick, Temecula personal training client of the month

I thought I was reasonably fit and strong but soon found out whatever I was doing before was not good enough. The personal trainers at Fitmotion in Temecula have managed to bring me to a much higher level. I have lost about 20 lbs, multiple inches from my waist and gained a lot more strength. But I think the most important thing is I brought my blood pressure down from just about stage one high and needing medication to normal in less than two months. [Read More...]

Ali, Temecula personal training client

Even though I have lost about 30 lbs so far, what I value most is the strength and energy I have regained for dealing with my day to day life with lots of stress. I sleep better, my mood is better and I have more energy to get things done during the day. Fitmotion has changed my life. The studio is always clean and private so I never feel intimidated. The personal trainers there have given me unfailing support and they are an inspiration to me.
[Read More...]

Clayton E., Temecula personal training client

The personal trainers at Fitmotion have been great. They have helped me make the changes that I needed to make to my diet, and they keep track of my exercises and what I can and can’t do to push me to my fullest potential each workout. I have lost weight, built strength and endurance, and found a new foundation of self confidence. [Read More...]

Dee C., Temecula personal training client

I thought it would be wonderful if I retired from the Marine Corps weighing the same as I did when I enlisted in 1982, so I started my personal training at Fitmotion. I have always gone to the gym and worked out, but I never had a professional showing me the correct way to perform the exercises. Having a personal trainer to show me proper form and technique, as well as having someone that I was accountable to, has made a huge difference in my weight loss experience this time around.
[Read More...]

Arlene L., Temecula personal training client

Training at Fitmotion is totally different from working out on my own at the gym. The personal trainers are great! They educate you, and they are there to help you reach your goals and encourage and motivate you. [Read More...]

When I found Fitmotion, it appeared to be exactly what I was looking for and after my first visit I knew Fitmotion is what I needed. Now, with the combination of good nutrition, cardiovascular workouts and weight training, I am feeling great!. [Read More...]

Keo M., Temecula personal training client My initial goal at Fitmotino in Temecula was to work with a personal trainer to tone and in about 2 or 3 months I thought I would be complete and happy. Not only am I more than happy, but I love the new me! I am 33 with three children and my new measurements are unbelievable! [Read More...]

Bobbie S., Temecula personal training temecula

Recently I planned a trip to Africa which featured hiking Mt. Kilaminjaro Trail. Little did I know the road ahead of me to prepare for such an adventure. When I began working with my personal trainer, what impressed me so much was the unique training style and the custom designed workout plan to help prepare me for the many big hikes I would be doing. The training included strength, endurance, and weight loss. [Read More...]

Dan E., Temecula personal training client

This was my first experience working with a personal trainer and after spending time at Fitmotion in Temecula, I wish I had done it years earlier. After just 3 months, I have lost over 30 pounds, my blood pressure is back down in the normal range, I understand how to exercise properly for the first time in my life and I feel great! [Read More...]

Karen G., Temecula personal training client

My personal trainer helped me with proper resistance training to ensure my continued rehabilitation from my bilateral mastectomies and build back-up my upper body strength. The results from my personal training have gone way beyond the tape measure or scale. I am happy, motivated and committed to my fitness program.
[Read More...]

Ryan Madson, Temecula personal training client

I am a professional athlete and I needed help to prepare for the upcoming season, so I researched personal trainers and gyms and visited a few. I knew as soon as I met Ed and saw his facility that he would help get me game-ready in the short amount of time I had to train. [Read More...]

Deanna C., Temecula personal training client

I just want to thank my personal trainer at Fitmotion in Temecula for helping me get back into shape for my wedding! Now I look and feel great and the wedding and honeymoon were awesome! My self-confidence is back! [Read More...]

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